Snow everywhere

Hello after being blog-lazy for so long. Last month were so busy but I´m happy about my life, my relationship, my work, my friends, being in Vienna….. and so much more!

Last days it was snowing so much here in Vienna. Everything is covered with a lot of snow and everybody has to take a pause from doing everyday routines as usual….. everything is slow and quiet. I like this atmosphere very much.

Do you like snow?

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I´m alive!!!

Hello everybody

time flies and I was really busy the last months. I did a lot of Zumba practise and I also joined a Spinning Instructor Training which was really great. Now I´m teaching two regular Zumba classes in addition to my other classes and I´m really happy with working as an instructor.

In the next days I will write a longer post

Have a nice day :-)

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Greetings from sunny Vienna to everybody!

I´ve been very busy lately but again only positive and inspiring activities and experiences. Last weekend I joined the Zumba Instructor Training here in Vienna with Jaromir Cremers and Myra Heerink.

It was such fun! I really love Zumba and I can´t wait to teach it. Fortunately I will start a Zumba class with beginnig of September in one of the Fitness Studios I´m working for- I´m so excited!!! Now I´m practising a lot because I want to be a good Zumba Instructor and I have to improve my hip- swing and shimmies :-) For me it´s really hard to get all these Latino and African dance movements but I´m giving my best.

And I have a new favorite breakfast! Cookie-dough like oatmeal (I cook it in the microwave and let it cool over night in the fridge so it gets really thick…..mhhhhh)

with melon and soy yoghurt (sojade) ....yummy

I´ve also got a packet from england! The nice people from Eat Natural Makery were so friendly to send my some samples of their great fruit and nut bars!

Product Image Product Image

Product Image Product Image

These bars are really tasty! I highly recommend them to you!

Have a great weekend!!!!!!


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I´m back in blogworld!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy I´m back after busy weeks and now I have more time for blogging again. I hope you´re doing fine?

My weekend in Cologne (Germany) for the Instructor training was great. I learned a lot of new things for workout classes and met nice fellows. The training was very intensiv… a lot of practise and theorie as well. I was happy to manage to great runs in the walds of Cologne (its a very green city with good running options).

There was a big supermarket near my hotel and I really enjoyed trying some products we don´t have here in Austria… for example a yoghurt with crumbles of chocolate cake within and rice cakes with coconut flavor….

Do you enjoy exploring supermarkets on trips? Did you discover a product that you liked that´s not available  in your homecountry?

My hotel room

Back in Vienna I enjoyed having my kitchen back and so some tasty meals were cooked too:

soya mince with lots of veggies and herbs mixed with a babybell cheese

covered with nutritional yeast

yesterday an unexpected craving for muffins hit me and so I decided to improvise and bake some without recipe……….

whole wheat - bran muffins with raisins, soya nuts and choc chips

and they were a great and tasty success

I mixed (first the dry and then the moist ingrediends) :

1/4 cup whole wheat flour

1/4 cup wheat bran

1 tbsp cocoa powder

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 cup carrot puree

dash of milk

dash of salt

some drops stevia

1 eggwhite

Mix ins: dark choc chips, soy nuts, and raisins

baked for 10 min


moist, sweet and tasty....exactly how I like it

Greetings from Vienna


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Organic-Energy-Bar Review

Tomorrow I will fly to Cologne (alone) and I´m really excited!!!! I´m looking forward to all the new things I will learn and I´m also very curious how Cologne will be.

Today I have a product review for you. The nice guys from Black Bear Company have sent me a sample of their new gluten free Black Bear Organic- Energy- Bar.

source Black Bear Organic-Energy-Bar

Ingredients: 5% Maca, Almonds, Sweet Cherries, Dates, Cranberries, Cashews and Himalayan Salt. No Sugar, Honey or anything artificial.



Maca is a plant from Peru. It contains a lot of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphor, iron and iodine. Maca is very rich in protein too (13, 6g per 100g).

Maca in women:

increases endurance
increases energy
helps with pre-menstrual-syndrome
reduces symptoms of menopause
increases fertility

Maca in men:

reduces stress
increased testosterone levels and hormone balance
reduces impotence and erectile dysfunction

Maca in kids:

helps with attention deficit disorder and improves alertness
has a calming and balancing effect

I have tried this bar on a busy day with a lot of workout classes and I was really suprised how satisfying it was and how it helped to charge my batteries. And it tastes very good. The combination of the dried fruits and nuts is well composed and I love the added Himalayan Salt because it helps me when sweating and losing a lot of electrolytes. Once I have tried a bar with cranberries in it and it was very sour and not good at all…. but  the Black Bear bar is not too sweet and not too sour and I so like it very much. I don´t know if the Maca really is such a wonder-plant but the whole bar is tasty.

Lately I have tested a lot of different fruit bars and I will present you my favorite ones soon.

What is your favorite fruit bar?

And what bar has disappointed you?


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Hello on Thursday

Last week was a little less stressfull because there were less proxies to do and I taught only my regular classes. Fortunately people are motivated to visit my classes despite the heat :-) I´m sweating a lot but meanwhile I´m almost used to the heat and I can handle it much more better. Unfortunately my doctor found out that I´m deficient in iron…. because of teaching and my own training. Now I´m taking an  iron supplement and it causes quite tummy troubles :-( Any tipps? And a question to those of you that are working as instructors as well- how to find the right balance between teaching a lot and working out for your own? I´m trying to have one rest day a week and I try to alternate between teaching easy classes and demanding ones.

This weekend I´m going to relax and spend time with my boyfriend and other dear friends… that means a lot of sitting at cafés and chatting and soaking up sun.

Next weekend I´m going to Cologne and I´m really excited!!! I´m going to join a Cardio Pilates teacher Training and to tell the truth I haven´t been away alone for a long time. I´m looking forward to the masterclasses and the things we will learn and meeting new people as well!! But I´m also a little planless what I should pack in? I dont´t know if there are any shops near my hotel (I´m will stay outside the town center) and I don´t know which snacks I should pack to be well prepared…… Are those of you who are traveling a lot are having any tipps what to pack?

I will be back soon with some nice foodie pictures and product reviews :-)


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A Sunday off

I hope you had a great week? Mine was soaked with sweat. It was so hot here in Vienna. I really like summer heat but last week was blazing hot and some of the fitness studios I´m working for don´t have aircon….you can imagine that teaching was very demanding. Fortunately yesterday we had a long and hefty thunderstorm that has cooled the air.

Today I´m really tired. I was sleepless most of the night because of the heat and I also stayed up till all hours because my little sister has returned from a long study trip to england and we had to talk a lot.

The last weeks I have worked a lot more than normal because I have assumed some new workout classes and a lot of proxies as well. Today is my first day off and I´m a little planless what to do…. do you know those days when you have been very busy for some weeks and than you have a day off and just don´t know what to do with it? It´s not easy to relax at the push of a button…..tipps?

Even though I was very busy there was always time to cook tasty meals :-)

once again a veggie stir fry.....

a half avocado mixed into (I love avocado and its great when eaten warm....)

covered with nutritional yeast

baked sweet potato in tomato- veggie- sauce mixed with cheese.....


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